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Alim Funeral Services is a set of tools available for public use, especially for Muslims in North America to learn about Islamic Burial, funeral, or Janazah guidelines, processes and to request complete Muslim funeral service. The platform allows funeral service providers: mosque, funeral home, and cemetery to work collaboratively and provide a complete set of Muslim funeral service for your loved ones.

Locate Funeral Service Provider

Locate Mosque/Muslim Institution,Funeral Home,Mortuary,Parlor and Cemetery/Graveyard with the form below by searching either by name or proximity to a zip code or city and state.

Primary Funeral Guidance

A departed Muslim should be buried as quickly as possible avoiding unnecessary delay.

  1. Visit Alim Foundation website: Or, the website of a local preferred mosque.
  2. Review Primary Funeral Guidance completely and familiarize yourself with overall funeral service/burial process that involves a mosque, a funeral home, and a cemetery.
  3. The funeral homes and cemeteries are for profit businesses and cost a reasonable amount of money separately. These may demand cash.
  4. Choose one person as a family spokesperson / decision maker to coordinate and resolve funeral and burial issues with Alim/mosque, funeral home, and/or cemetery.
  5. Contact Alim, or the local mosque Imam or funeral service contact person for further information, and guidance.
  6. The Alim or mosque funeral service contact person will counsel, explain, and guide the succeeding processes of engaging a mosque, a funeral home, and a cemetery.
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